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Children And Nature

Early childhood is the most powerful time to explore our natural world. Children need to spend time outdoors to appreciate its wonder. Be careful not to restrict experiences. Dirt is messy but not unhealthy. Children digging in dirt for worms may not be aesthetic, but it isn't unsanitary. Lie on your back and look at the patterns of the clouds or the sunlight through the trees. Viewing the outdoors as natural gives children permission to explore the world around them. And, helps them to appreciate the inspiration, awe, and majesty of our earth. We as parents can role-model being open to our messy-natural world, appreciate a dirty child making mud pies and delight in helping them measure rainfall. Teaching children to love and care for their environment will have life long positive effects for kids and our earth around us!

Missy Sjolin

Creative Curriculum

ABC Mouse

We are excited to announce our computer class through ABC Mouse will start back up on 9/14. Computer class will remain in session as long as school does. We will be handing out your child’s ABC Mouse enrollment number if you would like to access it at home also. You have to redeem your child’s code on a desktop computer. You will go to You are welcome to view a parent getting started video below:


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Upcoming Events

March 25 - April 26: Please bring in various kinds of trash, such as an empty carton or leftover wrapping paper that can be used to create something useful

March 25 - April 26: We are inviting a sanitation worker to come into the classroom to share about their job

April 08 - 26: We are asking families to bring in a piece of trash that has the recycling symbol on it

April 10: Classic Yoga at Kid’s Haven (Preschool)

April 15: We are inviting families to bring in old wrapping paper and gift boxes of different sizes

April 15 - 19: Week of the Young Child- check out the flyer to view all planned events

April 15 - 26: We are inviting family members to bring in something from home that they consider trash but could be used to create something useful, e.g., empty plastic mayonnaise jar; cereal box; empty wrapping paper roll

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