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We wanted to touch base with you in regards to the “Shelter In” order that was put in place effective March 27th. Kid’s Haven will remain open during this time frame. We want to ensure we have our qualified staff here to serve the children during this time. If your child has currently been attending and their schedule will be changing, please respond to this message. We are extending suspension on enrollment until May 4th. Please, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Stay safe and healthy!
Coronavirus Update

Welcome to summer at The Haven! We have lots of in-house activities planned as many of our plans have changed due to the “COVID times.” We are here to support any families in need. Please, reach out if you need any re-sources or referrals during these uncertain times in our society. I hope you all have a wonderful summer!!

Preschool 5/Pre-K/SA

Welcome to Summer We have many planned activities inside of the classroom. We will go to any planned field trips that are allowed. We will walk to the park every Tuesday. Please, bring a bag lunch and water bottle. We have some ex-tracurricular classes, free of charge, including; computer, music, garden-ing, card making, and drama (sign up for drama, if you have not already and are interested). We are in contact with the movie theater and bowling alley for field trips. We will contact our parents as soon as we know more. Please notify staff of any schedule changes for your child/children. Keep your eye out for any sign up sheets for upcoming field trips.

The Creative Curriculum

Mid-June we will begin focusing on our exercise study. We need your help to get our study moving! If you can, we’d love your help in gathering items to investigate. We’ll need many different objects and pictures related to exercise. Below is a list of suggested items, but you may also send others not on the list that you think may add to our exploration. Please label all items with your name so we can return them to you at the end of our study. We promise to take good care of them.

Equipment/objects– balls, hand weights (up to 2lbs), hippity-hop ball, stretching bands, exercise mats, hula hoops, jump ropes, scarves for dancing, Frisbees, and dance music.

Pictures- walking/running, climbing, dancing, gymnastics, tennis, sledding, swim-ming, volleyball, and lifting weights.

At home you can talk with your child about exercise and do a few exercises with your child each day. Point out when you notice people in your community exercis-ing. Help your child keep a daily exercise chart. Create a list together of your fam-ily’s favorite exercise. As you read books with your child, notice and talk about the character’s physical movements. Thank you for playing an important role in our learning.

June 10: We would like to invite a family member into the classroom who plays a musical instrument.

June 11: Planting grass at Kid’s Haven .

June 15: Be My Neighbor Magic Show Brian Richards

June 19: We are inviting family members into the classroom to help us celebrate the end of the study. Please bring in a special snack to share with the class.

June 22: We are inviting a high school athlete to join in any of the investi-gation by talking about his/her sport and demonstrating his/her sports routine, or playing with the children outside.

June 23: We are inviting our children to interview a family member about their favorite types of exercise.

June 25: Picnic in the classroom at Kid’s Haven

June 29-July 3: We are inviting families to teach their children the types of exercise they enjoy.

July 1: What’s the Scoop Ice Cream Truck at Kid’s Haven (must bring money to go to truck)

July 2: I love America Magic Show by Brian Richards at Kid’s Haven

*Walking to the park every Tues for a picnic-Bring a bag lunch and water! (School-Age)

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