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Stress Free Holiday Month

We almost had to laugh thinking that December is considered the Stress Free Holiday Month. But, it is. Give your parents some tips on staying stress-free this month.

  • Morning Meditation
  • Start a Gratitude Journal
  • Daily Exercise
  • Go Nature Bound
  • Just Say No!

Personalized Gifts Kids Can Make/Give

Christmas is a time of giving. But, there are a number of gifts your small child/preschooler can make/give that are super easy and don't require a lot of store-bought materials or complicated steps.

Motivation Rocks: Gather some rocks/stones from your yard or outside or in your neighborhood. Have your child paint and decorate the rocks. You may wish to write inspirational messages on your rocks and leave them around town: hospitals, nursing homes, WalMart, and even fast food restaurants.

Christmas Cards/Carols: Ask your child(ren) to make Christmas Cards with construction paper, colors or markers, and maybe an attached Candy Cane/Peppermint. Make a few or hundreds...deliver them to neighbors & friends, with caroling to make your loved one's Christmas extra special.

Postcard Santa: Photo on one side (doesn't need to be fancy) and a simple personal message on the other, these are quick, simple and easy to mail out.

Missy Sjolin

Creative Curriculum

ABC Mouse

We are excited to announce our computer class through ABC Mouse will start back up on 9/14. Computer class will remain in session as long as school does. We will be handing out your child’s ABC Mouse enrollment number if you would like to access it at home also. You have to redeem your child’s code on a desktop computer. You will go to You are welcome to view a parent getting started video below:


  • We will be closed on Monday, December 25th, for Christmas Day! Happy Holiday!
  • Kid's Haven is now hiring! Please see our open positions.
  • Please let your teacher know if your children’s schedule is going to change when school starts.
  • School-Age: Alternate destination forms. Please complete if you would like your child to transport TO or FROM Kid’s Haven. Turn in completed if haven't done so.
  • Preschool: Complete a preschool bus form if your child will be taking a bus TO or FROM Kid’s Haven.
  • Reminders for the parking lot: drive slowly, only park 2 cars under the awning, and no parking in handicap parking unless you have a handicap sticker.

Upcoming Events

November 27 - December 01: We are inviting families to bring in an instrument they play to share their skills with the class.

November 27 - January 05: We’re inviting families to contribute photos of family members experiencing music (playing an instrument, dancing at a wedding, signing "Happy Birthday," etc.).

November 27 - January 05: We are inviting families to share their favorite songs, musical styles, performances with their child.

December 7: Christmas Program: 8:30- transition & Pre 1, 9:15- Pre 2 & Pre3, 10:00- Pre 4, 10:45-Pre 5 & Pre-K

December 13: National Hot Cocoa Day- enjoy a cup of hot cocoa

December 14: Christmas Parties- 9:00-11:00 (Pre) Winter Wonder Magic Show at Kid’s Haven

December 18 - 22: We are inviting families to create opportunities to sing with their children.

December 22: Wear your ugly sweater

December 25: Merry Christmas! (Closed)

January 01: Happy New Year! (Closed)

Calendar of Events

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