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We wanted to touch base with you in regards to the “Shelter In” order that was put in place effective March 27th. Kid’s Haven will remain open during this time frame. We want to ensure we have our qualified staff here to serve the children during this time. If your child has currently been attending and their schedule will be changing, please respond to this message. We are extending suspension on enrollment until May 4th. Please, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Stay safe and healthy!
Coronavirus Update

Welcome to Fall

Welcome to fall at Kid’s Haven. We appreciate all of our families continued support of Kid’s Haven. We are so blessed to be a part of your child’s day! Thank you for continuing to follow current sick policies. I know they are extremely frustrating for everyone. We are doing everything we can do here to clean and sani-tize as much as possible to help stop the spread of any sicknesses. I will be on maternity leave October 7th-November 19th. I will be available via email at or Terry, Shawna, and Jaclyn will be here to support you in any way possible.
Missy Sjolin,
Director of Kid’s Haven


  • Picture proofs should be here in the next few weeks.
  • Please exchange extra clothes in your child’s cubby to correspond with the weather.
  • Take home your child’s sunscreen.

Regarding Halloween Parties

Please NO tree nut treats. We are also not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen items from Halloween costumes. Parent volunteers are also welcome to come join the fun and are greatly appreciated in the classroom!

The Creative Curriculum

We are still studying the topic of the beginning of the year. On 10/19 we begin to explore the topic of pets. We’d love your help gathering items to investigate. We’ll need many different objects and pictures related to pets. Below is a list of suggested items, but you may also send others not on the list that you think may add to our explorations. Please label all items with your name so we can return them to you at the end of our study. We promise to take good care of them. Also, please let us know if you or a family member works with pets or has a gentle, interesting pet to share with the class. We would love to arrange a time for you to join us in our investigations.

Pet-food containers, plastic or stuffed animals, pet carriers, pet enclosures, cardboard shoe boxes, samples of dry pet food in airtight plastic containers, pet-food dishes and water bottles, pet bedding, pet toys, grooming materials, pet beds, pet-care books, books about pet breeds, pictures or videos children playing with pets, pets in everyday activities.

As we study pets, we will learn concepts and skills in the areas of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, and technology. We’ll also develop thinking skills as we observe, investigate, ask questions, solve problems, make predications, and test our ideas.

At home you can notice pets in your community. Be on the lookout for pets at dog parks, on walks, in cars, and in homes. Ask to visit friends’ and families’ interesting pets. Talk about the kinds of animals you and your child like. How does it make you feel to interact with pets?

If you have a pet at home, invite your child to help care for the animal. Together, feed the pet and fill water containers. Talk about what, how often, and how much your pet eats and drinks. Invite children to watch as you clean the pet’s habitat or to help you groom the pet. Take photos or make video recordings of your child interacting with and helping care for the pet.

Thank you for playing an important role in our learning.
Creative Curriculum

ABC Mouse

We are excited to announce our computer class through ABC Mouse will start back up on 9/14. Computer class will remain in session as long as school does. We will be handing out your child’s ABC Mouse enrollment number if you would like to access it at home also. You have to redeem your child’s code on a desktop computer. You will go to You are welcome to view a parent getting started video below:

Upcoming Events

October 8: Making classroom scarecrows
October 19-27: We are inviting a family member who works with animals to demonstrate how to meet and interact with new pets. Examples of people who work with animals include veterinarian, pet trainer, shelter worker, and groomer.
October 26: We are inviting a family member to join the class to share an interest-ing pet and its enclosure.
October 26: We are inviting families to contribute toy animals or habitat materials for the classroom pet-supply store.
October 29: We are inviting a family member into the classroom to talk about how to safely and appropriately interact with pets.
October 30 (All Classrooms): We are inviting family members to join us at our Halloween Celebration from 9:00am-11:00am
Halloween Party: Spooky Scary Show at Kid’s Haven (Transition, Pre 1, Pre 2, Pre 3, Pre 4, Pre 5, & Pre-K), 9:00, 9:35, & 10:10 Treats, family, & costumes are welcome.
November 2: We are inviting families to con-tribute toy animals or habitat materials for the classroom pet-supply store.
November 9: We are inviting families to allow their children to help feed pets at home or help feed a neighbor's pet. Encourage families to discuss with their chil-dren why different pets prefer specific kinds of food.
November 17: We are would like to invite a groomer into the classroom to demonstrate how to groom pets and to introduce the supplies he or she uses.

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