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A Letter From the Founder

Hello, and thank you for visiting our Kid’s Haven™ Child Care & Preschool franchising website! Since 1982, we have been building and developing a child care business that we believe is second to none in the industry. There are many attributes which set us apart from our competitors! In this section, we’ll tell you our story and why we’re your best choice if you are considering a franchise in the child care industry.

In recalling the early days of our Kid’s Haven™ business, I wish I had known someone to talk to, who had actual, hands-on experience in this industry: someone I could call and “bounce an idea off.” How do you know when it’s time to hire another person? What kinds of community groups are important to join? How do you handle a particular situation? There’s no substitute for experience, is there!? And that’s the beauty of franchising. It’s having the chance to build a business in partnership with an organization that has “been there and done that.”

That’s us! We’ve been there; done that. And the greatest compliment we receive, again and again, is when someone in a nearby community asks us if we can place a Kid’s Haven™ Child Care & Preschool facility in their community.

We’ve heard it enough times to know that the opportunity is there. And that is what led us to the decision to franchise our business. We see the need and are looking to share this expansion opportunity with qualified candidates who share our vision, our love of children and our desire to make a positive difference.

Sound interesting? Please take a look at the information you see on these pages – and if you like what you see, let’s talk.

Thanks for looking!

Terry Peterson
Founder, Kid’s Haven

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