What Sets Us Apart

One of the greatest compliments we receive (and we hear it very often) is what we hear from people in nearby communities, asking, “When are you going to open a Kid’s Haven™ here?”

The need for our services was illustrated in a March 2018 Minnesota Public Radio Report, which stated that research from the Center for Rural Policy and Development shows a massive child care shortfall throughout the state, that a large number of children need care, and can't get it. Throughout our state, and elsewhere in the U.S., there is a demonstrated need for the services we provide.

Our staff of 71 people serve the needs of approximately 350 students on a daily basis, and we have over 725 who are enrolled and take advantage of our services overall.

Also, Kid’s Haven is 4 star rated through the Parent Aware program through the State of MN.  A 4-star rating is the highest mark a child care facility can receive.

Our name has spread far and wide throughout the region; and, in addition to the reputation we enjoy for excellence and the care we provide for our children, there is another important differentiator. We structure our fees so that we charge only when children are there. We understand that not all families have the same needs. For some families, child care and preschool may only be needed one, or two, days a week, and/or not every week. A family can choose a weekly rate if they wish; but, we do not require it. We accommodate our families’ needs.

We also do not “give up” on children. Some preschool and child care facilities have very strict rules and are quick to give up on children who do not conform to their standards. We put our “all” into working with the children entrusted to our care. We work closely with mental, social and emotional experts to help our families get the help they need.

We believe that our flexibility regarding our fee structures, coupled with our unwavering commitment to the children and families we serve, are key differentiators in an industry which is increasingly in demand by parents.

These principles serve our community well and will help our franchisees establish themselves as exemplary leaders.

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