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Behavior Guidance Plan

Our staff will model acceptable behavior at all times. The following methods will be used to approach a behavior problem:

  1. Talking to the child: Approach him/her to ask, "What is wrong?" or "How can I help you?"
  2. Redirect the child: Guide the child to a different activity or group.
  3. Separation within the classroom: The child will go and take a break in the break area...the child will be given appropriate materials to take a break. Materials may include, comforting materials, sensory, book, puzzle, etc.
  4. Get help from the other staff member in the classroom: The other staff member in the classroom will repeat the above steps 1-3.
  5. Notify a supervisor:The supervisor will evaluate the situation to determine if the child needs to be removed from the classroom or have an extra staff member brought into the classroom.
  6. The teacher of the classroom will call the parent to discuss the behavior and complete the behavior documentation form and place it into the child's file.

The following will not be used to approach a behavior problem:

  1. No child will be handled roughly.
  2. No child will be hit in any way.
  3. No child will be separated without supervision.
  4. No child will be humiliated, shamed, or labeled.
  5. No child will be punished for lapses in toilet training.
  6. No child will be denied food.
  7. Discipline shall not be delegated to another child.

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