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Our staff will model acceptable behavior at all times. We will also reward desirable behavior. The following methods will be used to approach a behavior problem:

  • Talking to the child.
  • Redirecting the child.
  • Temporary "time-out" within the classroom.
  • Remove toys or privileges.
  • Separation. (removal of the child to a supervised area) Appropriate time for the age of the child not to exceed 10 minutes.

The following will not be used to approach a behavior problem:

  • No child will be handled roughly.
  • No child will be hit in any way.
  • No child will be separated without supervision.
  • No child will be humiliated, shamed, or labeled.
  • No child will be punished for lapses in toilet training.
  • No child will be denied food.
  • Discipline shall not be delegated to another child.

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